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Bookcase 45 Inches Wide

This tall, adjustable Bookcase will store your books in style - with plenty of shelving to tailor any need, from work to library to stor away personal items, this Bookcase is sure to do the job grandma once did.

45" Wide Bookcase

This Bookcase is a fantastic way to increase your home decor space, it is available in iron black and is about 45 Inches in width. It gives three bookshelf levels to increase your storage capacity, and is 3 feet tall, this Bookcase peerless for storing books, magazines, and other items you need to keep on hand. This Bookcase is sensational for your books, music, and movies, it is adjustable to your needs and grants a sterling design that will make you feel better in your own home. This Bookcase is top-grade for who ever wants to storage all your books, this Bookcase is top-quality for storing all your books in one place, it is oak hardwood with a tall adjustable frame, making it Wide and comfortable to use. The Wide bookshelf is in like manner with included shelving, so you can easily store all your books, it as well spacious, with a lot of space for your books and accessories. With its 45 Inches Wide depth and 3 shelves, this Bookcase is able to hold a lot of books, the iron black finish is splendid for your home or office.