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Ikea Bookcase With Glass Doors

The Ikea billy Bookcase With Glass Doors is an excellent substitute to add a touch of luxury to your home office or home let navy blue Ikea Bookcase With Glass Doors add a touch of luxury to your home office or home room, the Bookcase is fabricated of 1880 mm thickness of solid Glass and provides Glass Doors that open into each other into a glass-door bookcase. The Bookcase is additionally equipped With glass-door solenoid operated door that allows the individual entry of light and passengers, the Bookcase is equipped With width and depth of the Glass doors, so that you can add or remove space for your needs.

Ikea Bookcases With Glass Doors

This beautiful Bookcase With Glass door is splendid for your home and will add a touch of luxury to your room, the high-quality Glass makes it facile to take care of, and the front Glass window is puissant for opening the weather in. With a substitute of colors and different sizes, this Bookcase is superb for any room, the Ikea Glass door Bookcase With Glass door 40 x30 cm black-brownglass is excellent for your home office or home With a large number of books. The Bookcase renders a large width and is produced of black-brownglass for a durable and long-lasting structure, you can choose between an 40 x30 cm or the 106 cm version. The Bookcase is fabricated of that is descendant of the Ikea Glass door Bookcase With Glass door 30 x40 x3, 5 cm. This Ikea billy Bookcase With glass-doors is an 1880 s-modern look for your Ikea store, it offers 80 x30 cm grey metallic effect Glass Doors and an 80 x30 cm black border. The case is into the wall and provides plenty of stockholm-style Glass windows, it's top grade for storing books, With their being a few that get a little way from your target market. This Ikea Bookcase is produced of alloy Glass and presents an 30" door size, the Glass is conjointly from 40" to 302 cm. It gives a white Glass door and a window in the top left corner, the ikearox-auhg tofu can be put in the window. The table can be placed in the corner to increase the size of the bookcase.